Curious about marketing? Visit my About Marketing page for more detailed information about the marketing process and how it works!

Marketing Plans

A marketing plan is essential when it comes to releases, events, or new products. It’s important to build hype and buzz before, during, and after over a variety of platforms. My marketing plans will include a schedule of posts over a variety of social media and website platforms, along with any additional advertisements over the internet for the given amount of time. I will pre-write these posts and provide any graphics necessary. Marketing plans usually span anywhere from one week to six months. Please note that it will still be the responsibility of the contractor to post and keep to the schedule that was outlined, I am merely providing the content and schedule.

Standard Rate: $25/hour
Rush Rate: $35/hour

Social Media Marketing

I will access your given social media accounts to make daily posts, answer comments and messages, and keep your audience engaged over a given period of time. Posts will include site-specific tags, optimized images (as needed), and theme-relevant content. My goal will be to engage your audience and promote your brand, rather than just push the sale of your product (see my About Marketing page for information on why I use this method).

Standard Rate: $20/hour

Blogging & Guest Blogging

Having an active blog is a great way to promote strong SEO for your website and product, as well as promote your own credibility within your industry. Guest blogging, alternatively, is a great way to engage a community outside of your own audience, as well as network with other well-known sources. For this service, I will require a topic and some relevant bullet points/information, then write out a blog post for you. If the industry is one I am unfamiliar with, I will likely rely on your knowledge for any technical facts or information.

Standard Rate: $30/hour

Vlogs & Podcasts Scripts

Audio and video are two powerful ways of gaining audience attention. Using a script is a good way to make sure that you stay on-track and relevant to a certain topic when using these mediums. For this service, I will write a script or guide for use in a Vlog or Podcast.

Standard Rate: $30/hour


Looking to get your product into the hands of reliable reviewers? I can track down relevant reviewers (audio, video, website, blogger, or journalist), get their contact and submission information, and write a press-release or promotion request. Reviewers are an excellent way of getting attention from a relevant audience, and will sometimes review a product with just a free sample. Some will require payment, however.

Standard Rate: $30/hour

Press Release

For the promotion of a product, business, or event, a press release is a great way to get attention from content creators in all different fields. A well-written press release will make your product, business, or event sound exciting, desirable, and unique. Always remember to give out a press release at least one week (preferably two) in advance to when you would like reviews to be posted.

Standard Rate: $30/hour


Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website and content seen by big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is important that your website has strong SEO to be visible. With this service, I will narrow down your best SEO words, options, and areas to make your website stand out whether you’re paying for CPM or looking to make your site visible on its own.

Standard Rate: $40/hour