The world lives on words. We use words to communicate everything to both individuals and large audiences. With that in mind, the words we use are immensely important to how people view us. That’s where I come in!

My name is Brianna Thorne, and words are my trade. From writing to editing and consultation, I’m happy to provide my skills and assistance to those who need it. Are you stuck on your manuscript? Looking to self-publish your novel? Are you trying to make a point to your department in a memo? I do all this and so much more, so if any of this sounds like something you need then I encourage you to read on.

Portfolio Samples

What I Offer

For the creative writers out there, I offer a deep understanding of story structure and character design from the basic to the complex. My goal is to help a story’s theme and message shine bright and strong. I also aim to ensure that your story reads smoothly and will keep your audience engaged from the first page to the last. For more information you can look at my About Editing page, or see my Editing Services for rates and details about my editing process.

For business and technical writing, my goals are different. These types of writings need a stronger focus on clear organization, structure, and conciseness. It’s important to make sure that your audience will best understand the text that they’re reading with minimal chance for confusion or misinterpretation. For information about my copywriting, you can see my About Copywriting page, or my Copywriting Services page.

Finally, to those looking for a marketing strategy or trying to learn how to self-promote, I offer assistance with content building, social media, blogging, and marketing strategies. There are many ways to market, and I’m happy to sit down and determine the best way to promote your material with you. To learn more about my marketing strategies, you can look at my About Marketing page, or see my rates and what I offer on my Marketing Services page.