For more information about Copywriting, please visit my About Copywriting page.

Business Copywriting

Do you need a business document written? My goals with any business document are to be clear and concise, while respecting the reader’s valuable time and competence. Please know that I do not write legal documents, so I will not write contracts, NDA’s, or any legally binding document. Thank you for understanding.

Standard Rate: $30/hour

Technical Writing

Technical writing is for documents such as instructions, user manuals, or guides. These are usually very concise and factual, with the intent of getting an idea across with little to no fluff. Instructions should be clear and easy to follow. Remember that I am not a graphic designer, and cannot provide any images to go along with these documents. Thank you for understanding.

Standard Rate: $40/hour

Website Content

Whether it’s a product, service, book, nonprofit organization, or anything in-between I am happy to help bring your website to life with compelling content to captivate your readers. From detailed pages about services to one-sentence captions, you can count on me to write it all out. Additionally, please know that I am writing the website’s content, I am not offering my services as a web designer/developer, nor do I do website graphics. Thank you for understanding.

Standard Rate: $30/hour

Personal Copywriting

If you are in need of a personal document, I’m happy to help. Certain documents have a flat-rate (see below) to be easier on everyone. Otherwise the standard rate listed will apply.

Standard Rate: $30/hour
Resume: $50
CV: $75
Website Bio: $20-$40 (depending on the length)