About Editing

Editing is the process in which a manuscript is worked on and polished up until it’s ready for publication. In traditional publishing this is a multi-stage process including Developmental, Structural, Line, and Copy Editing. This section goes over each of these types of editing and why they’re important, along with other elements of editing. This page will go over some of what you can expect in the editing process of your book, whether with a publisher or in self-publishing.

About Marketing

Marketing is all about selling your product by creating your brand, making it appealing, and getting it in front of your desired audience. The internet is a huge place, and a lot of people don’t know how to effectively navigate the space and make themselves known as a brand or service. This page will go over basic marketing techniques and explain the importance of each one.

About Copywriting

Marketing is of little use if a product doesn’t sound desirable. Copywriting is the process of writing content to sell your product, brand, or service through the power of words. This page will go over different areas of copywriting and how each kind of copy should work.

About Me

The lady behind the words!